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A&C - Manufacturers of Remote Camera Systems for Film & TV
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The TRACK-POD 100 is now a discontinued model.
Floor Mount
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Film & TV Remote Head

The TRACK-POD 100 is lightweight robotic motorised track system with integral Remote Head. It is for TV and Film Cameras and can travel along straight and curved track.

It can be either hung from the ceiling or placed directly on the floor.

The Dolly moves from the straight track to the curves with ease and stability, providing a good solid platform for the Camera.

The complete command system uses a single digital data line for communication and control.

The system can use all of the PEE-POD 500 control options (Joystick, Panbar & Worrall Hand Wheels).

Setting up the limits and recalling positions is delightfully simple. This new system from A&C has all of the strength and reliability that clients have come to expect from A&C systems.

The TRACK-POD 100 can be programmed to recall positions and replay moves.

The Controls and Drives are digital and are a further development of the PEE-POD 500 system.

The method used to drive the Dolly along the track, sets it apart from other systems.

The custom track is from an A&C Aluminium alloy extrusion that has a gear form within the track.

The TRACK-POD 100 Dolly and track are covered by Patent application 0608279.6.