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A&C - Manufacturers of Remote Camera Systems for Film & TV
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The POWER-POD Classic is now a discontinued model.
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Film & TV Remote Head

THE POWER-POD CLASSIC is an analogue robotic system with an established reputation for being one of the most versatile and reliable remote heads available in the film industry.

It is the one that an operator would build himself - one that delivers exceptional performance and smooth response; one he knows he can trust.

The modular POWER-POD CLASSIC System allows the operator to re-configure the size and shape of the head in minutes. It can fly an Arri III through a car window, or rotate a Moviecam Super with a 1000 ft. mag and a 10:1 lens through continuous pan and tilt.

The POWER-POD CLASSIC has a broad tolerance for off-balance loads. It can capture difficult shots in impractical or treacherous environments. With the crew at a safe distance, POWER-POD CLASSIC makes dangerous moves that would ordinarily be abandoned. When conditions are less than ideal, the POWER-POD CLASSIC System always delivers.