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A&C - Manufacturers of Remote Camera Systems for Film & TV
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Control Options
Film & TV Remote Head
The POWER-POD 2000 has been replaced by GIZMO 100.
These Control Options are for the PEE-POD 500, PEE-POD 1600, POWER-POD 2000 and TRACK-POD 100

Control Consoles
The Control Consoles are at the operator end of the Power/Data Cable. The consoles take the different type of operator controls (Joystick, Hand wheels and other controls) and create the Data that runs through our Power/Data cable.

There are two groups of Control Consoles: Standard and Memory.

These Consoles are available in a stand alone version that has all of the controls
(Joystick, Zoom & Focus ect.) on one panel or there is a Jib Arm version with separate controls on extension cables. This allows the controls to be clamped to Jib Arm Weight bars.

Standard Consoles

The Standard Jib Arm Console The Joystick Standard Console

The Standard consoles have all of the refinements necessary for the operator to adjust the controls to suite the operators needs, including setting electronic limits for Tilt.

Memory Consoles

The Memory Jib Arm Console The Joystick Memory Console

The Memory Consoles have all of the Standard consoles features plus a host of memory playback and other program benefits.


The Pan Bar uses either a Standard or Memory Jib Arm Console and offers full control of the Head

Click here to see more details on the Pan Bar

Hand Wheels

These can just plug into any of the Consoles for Two or Three Axis control.

Foot Pedals

Foot Pedals can be used with the Standard or Memory Joystick Console

Jib Arm Controls

Controls for operating the Head from the back of the Jib Arm, allowing one man operation.


Touch Screen Controller

Touch Screen Controller

This Controller is linked into the POD Console and reduces the number of actions required to recall positions & moves as well as other functions.

Touch Screen Screen

Large on screen "Touch" buttons with text legends that can be edited to describe the shot.

Touch Screen Screen

If preferred a video capture option can create "Touch" picture icons for buttons.