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A&C - Manufacturers of Remote Camera Systems for Film & TV
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Film & TV Remote Head
This is a digital system

The Head is controlled and run through a single Power/Data cable. This cable only contains three wires (Power, Data & Ground) which provides power & controls for:

  • Pan / Tilt / Roll
  • Video Lens, Zoom, Focus & Iris
  • Video Tape Run (VTR)
  • Video Camera Power
  • Film Lens Focus, Zoom & Iris (Preston)
  • Film Camera Run (Turnover)
  • Film Camera Power

Each part of the system is linked to this Power/Data cable. These links can be in any order, as long as every module in the system is connected to the Power/Data cable in some way.

The PEE-POD 500 Slider Chassis

Exceptionally strong & light the "SLIDER" chassis is a two axis format that allows the Pan & Tilt gearboxes to be slid into new positions, without the use of tools and whilst the Camera is still fitted.

It only takes seconds and it's really simple!

Designed to work well hanging or upside down, this new format has up-rated bearings that dramatically increase the stability of the Pan & Tilt Axis. The rigidity of this arrangement is really impressive and reduces any small vibrations that may come from the jib or mount being amplified through to the lens.

SLIDER 5.jpg

By allowing the Pan offset to be moved (see the video), the whole head can be adjusted to give a centre of gravity about the threaded Mitchell fixing point. This means that when the head Pans quickly the end of the Crane does not try to sway.

In its upright position the SLIDER format keeps the lens height really low and makes this a good combination for use on car rigs or situations where low format & good stability is essential.

The lens control options for Film and Video lenses fit right next to the camera to keep cabling short and easy.

Our tests on the stability of the Video Camera Base Plates, highlighted this as an area of weakness.

Often the Base Plate is where the unwanted movement is introduced.

The SLIDER solves this problem by the use of a new top clamp that grips the top of the Camera and stops the unwanted movement .


The SLIDER has a number of advantages:-

•  Lightweight & strong with impressive stability

•  Easily adjustable to keep the package size small

•  Works really well under-slung or upright

•  Reduces jib arm swaying when panning quickly

•  Minimizes vibrations from traveling rigs & telescoping arms




The PEE-POD 500 Gearbox

The Pan & Tilt gearboxes are identical units, allowing any of them to be used as Pan, Tilt (or Roll).

These Gearboxes are self contained and water resistant.

The Video Drop Box

This Module supplies 12 volts for the Video Camera and gives direct control of Video Lens Zoom, Focus & Iris servos as well as VTR.
Our Video Drop Box has analogue controls for all of the older Video lenses and a serial control link for all of the digital and HD lenses produced by Canon & Fujinon.

The Film Video Drop Box

This Module supplies 12 and 24 volts to power the Cameras and drives the digital lens Motors produced by Preston & Hedén for Zoom Focus & Iris. This unit includes the analogue Video controls for Zoom & Focus. Camera start or Turnover is also provided.

Because each Module of the system is self-contained, the PEE-POD 500 can be assembled and re-assembled in many different configurations by the operator. These are just some of the Formats that are possible with the PEE-POD 500.

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