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PEE-POD 1600
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The PEE-POD 1600 is now a discontinued model.
Three Axis
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Film & TV Remote Head
PEE-POD 1600

The PEE-POD 1600 is a digital, lightweight robotic remote camera head, designed without compromise to handle 16mm film cameras and High definition Video Cameras.

This new unit was created by combining features from the PEE-POD 1000, a dedicated ENG Video Remote head, and the powerful real time digital versatility of the POWER-POD 2000 . Memory playback is standard, as well as host computer links with transfer file functions.

This exceptional combination offers all the comprehensive control options from the POWER-POD 2000 with the functional lightweight package format from the PEE-POD 1000 .

The servo drive amplifiers are our latest design and give remarkable torque levels within the strengthened chassis.

  • Designed for High definition Video and 16mm Film
  • Digital and programmable
  • Memory playback
  • Complete new Motor Drive
  • Programmable limits on all axis
  • Strong Chassis
  • Preston Handset Options
  • Lens Control by either integral servos (Video lenses) or Preston Motors
  • Third Axis Option
  • Uses POWER-POD 2000 Software
  • Lightweight
  • Control through Cable, Coax, Triax or Microwave