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SLIDER Chassis
New "SLIDER" Chassis
We have developed a new format for the PEE-POD 500HD Gearboxes and it is called the “SLIDER” chassis.

Exceptionally strong & light the “SLIDER” chassis is a two axis format that allows the Pan & Tilt gearboxes to be slid into new positions, without the use of tools and whilst the Camera is still fitted.

It only takes seconds and it’s really simple!

This new format has up-rated bearings that dramatically increase the stability of the Pan & Tilt Axis. The rigidity of this arrangement is really impressive and reduces any small vibrations that may come from the jib or mount being amplified through to the lens.

By allowing the Pan offset to be moved (see the video), the whole head can be adjusted to give a centre of gravity about the threaded Mitchell fixing point. This means that when the head Pans quickly the end of the Crane does not try to sway.

In its upright position the SLIDER format keeps the lens height really low and makes this a good combination for use on car rigs or situations where low format & good stability is essential.

The lens control options for Film and Video lenses fit right next to the camera to keep cabling short and easy.

The SLIDER has a number of advantages:-

• Lightweight & strong with impressive stability
• Easily adjustable to keep the package size small
• Works really well under-slung or upright
• Reduces jib arm swaying when panning quickly
• Minimizes vibrations from traveling rigs & telescoping arms

See the video of the SLIDER on our website.

Because of the extra bearings, the SLIDER chassis is only suitable for the PEE-POD 500HD gearboxes and cannot be fitted to the standard gearboxes (we can of course convert the standard gearboxes to the new HD specification).
POWERPOD 2000 with 3D Rig
Posted on 25/11/2009
3D Rig works well on POWERPOD 2000
Some of the latest 3D camera rigs can be big & heavy. The POWERPOD 2000 now has some new extras that make these setups really easy. ARRI Media in the UK have used the POWERPOD 2000’s ability to run these 3D setups to great effect.
POWERPOD 2000 with 3D Rig POWERPOD 2000 with 3D Rig
Shot of hall showing positions of the heads
Posted on 20/10/2009 16:38:49
GEO FILM Group at the Disney Theater
GEO FILMS in LA used their version of the PEE-POD 500 (they call it the SL POD) to record a concert at the prestigious Disney Theatre and Auditorium.

The low profile and extremely low noise levels of the PEE-POD 500 made this an ideal choice. The production crew were delighted with the way that video lenses are controlled without the need to add extra motors for zoom & focus but uses the lenses own servo’s.
PEE-POD 500 resting on rebate PEE-POD 500 mounted without any damage to the auditorium
NEW PEE-POD 500 HD option
The PEE-POD 500 now has an HD version.
Having all of the successful features of the standard PEE-POD 500, this enhanced version boasts some formidable extras:

• New "POD-POWER" servo drive with intelligent power management to further increase the already impressive torque output by 30%
• Motor temperature monitoring that profiles current parameters
• High resolution output gives about 4 million steps per revolution of gearbox.
• Gearbox parameters & software can be changed via serial link
• Even quieter than the standard PEE-POD 500
• Next generation anti-backlash system

Existing standard PEE-POD 500 units can be upgraded to the HD specification.
Oscar Winners
The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences presented its annual Scientific and Technical Achievement Awards on February 18, in Beverly Hills, California. Actress Rachel McAdams hosted the black-tie presentation dinner.

Scientific and Technical Awards are presented by the Academy for devices, methods, formulas, discoveries or inventions of special and outstanding value to the arts and sciences of motion pictures.

Technical Achievement Awards for the year 2005 were presented to Frank Fletcher and Dave Sherwin for the introduction and continuing development of the Power Pod modular camera head system.

MTN in Turkey
MTN in Turkey use their POWER POD 2000 to shoot a Honda Commercial on the shores of the Black sea

Posted on 05/01/2009
MPS have taken delivery of our latest POWER POD 2000 remote camera head for Film production.

MPS is the only fully integrated film production services and Equipment Company in North Africa.

These new studios have three stages (two of them soundproofed with tanks) as well as a host of production services and facilities.

Austrian Olympic Swimmer
Austrian Olympic Swimmer Markus Rogan is captured on camera using G & K's PEE-POD 500

Japanese rental house
Japanese rental house "Tokky's" (www.tokkys.com) use their PEE-POD 500 on a Jimmy Jib Triangle. The location is the Saitama Arena just north of Tokyo, Mr Hayakawa & Mr Akaoka from Tokky?s are setting up the shot.
Touch Screen
New Touch Screen Controller
This touch colour screen, gives instant recall of preset shots and moves. It sits next to our normal controls and is ideal for studio work where many stored shots are used.

Multiple Heads are easily managed with this simple interface, with the operator able to select any head with a simple action.
MK2 Video Drop Box
Control Latest Broadcast Digital Lenses by new Direct Serial Link
Most remote heads control the new Digi Lenses from Canon and Fuji using analogue adapters. This can introduce conflicts and compromise the control loop.

The PEE-POD Mark II Video Lens controller (Drop Box) now has a direct serial link for controlling all Canon & Fuji broadcast lenses. This is one of the first systems to control these lenses without using adapters or the older analogue lens inputs.

This gives much better control of the lens functions with less compromise to the performance of the system.

Iris Control of all Video broadcast lenses is another new function of the Mark II Video Lens Controller.
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