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A & C produces some of the most reliable and soffisticated products with ongoing innovative research and development.

But who is behind this hard-to-match quality of products and service?
See for yourself on this page.

Frank Fletcher

Frank has owned and run A & C LTD since 1972 and is the brain behind our products and our fully hands-on managing director.

He has passion for the industry, our products and its development, and makes sure that working in A & C is like working in a family business.

When you enquire or buy from us, Frank will quite often be on the case to answer any technical or sales questions directly.

He heads all the operations in the company and keeps on coming up with new ideas!

Chris is the man behind the precision electronics and complex software which drives our heads, consoles and controls and ensures smooth and fast communication between each component.

Chris actively works on improvements of existing products and development of new features, components and products.

Vag is our electronics engineer and he makes our products alive with the use of electronics components.

Making circuit boards, checking them and testing that all mechanical and electronic componets work together as they should, his work is precise and crucial to the success of our products.

Ivana makes sure that all is done right when it comes to administrative tasks.

She is accurate and has an eye for detail, she checks over communication in and out of company, arranges prompt shipping and clearance of orders, repairs and supplies and makes sure orders and enquiries are dealt with in timely manner.

She looks after our bookkeeping, invoicing, procurement and logistics, including world-wide export and import.

The “Queen of social media”, part of Smash Social, Emma works with multiple clients and looks after our social media marketing.

Emma has been raising awareness of our brand, products and developing business.

Roman is our IT support and software developer, making sure that our computers do what they should. He has also created our bespoke software programs.

Apart from our internal systems, he has developed and maintains our app for Apple mobile devices so that we can control our equipment from iPhones and iPads and looks after the A &C website.

Daisy, Dora and Rusty regularly come to our office to support the day to day operations of the team.