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A&C - Manufacturers of Remote Camera Systems for Film & TV
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Stabillized Film & TV Remote Head
(Formerly GIZMO Prime)

The POWER-POD-PRIME is a fully stabilized lightweight remote head that performs exceptionally well with Camera packages of up to 30 kg. Its modular design uses dovetail slides to easily change from 3 to 2 Axis in minutes. It can achieve perfect balance in Pan as well as Tilt Axis using these slides. The custom Zero Backlash drives give the stabilization excellent precision and performance.

In Three Axis, the head only weighs 19 kg (42 Pounds), making it one of the lightest stabilized systems that can hold a full package.

This innovative system follows in the traditions of our POWERPOD & PEE-POD remotes. Using clever ideas and helpful innovation, it presents advanced stabilized technology that puts you in total control.

  • Full Stabilization
  • No Gyro Lock
  • No Roll Spin Off in corners and fast turns
  • True Horizontal Panning and Vertical Tilts when head at an angle
  • Flexible 2 or 3 Axis Format
  • Stabilization Pre-sets for Fast Setup
  • Quick Adjustments For Balance
  • Plug & Play Digital Design
  • Zero Backlash
  • Simple BNC Control
  • Wireless
  • Rigid Construction
  • Weather Resistant
  • For Film & TV
  • Joystick, Pan Bar or Wheels
  • Stab-Genie Control Option
  • One System giving Three Formats