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Film & TV Remote Head
The TRACK-POD 100 is now a discontinued model.
This is a digital system

The Dolly (the carriage that runs along the track) & Head are controlled through a single Power/Data cable. This cable provides power & controls for:

  • Dolly Movement
  • Pan / Tilt / Roll
  • Video Lens, Zoom, Focus & Iris
  • Video Tape Run (VTR)
  • Video Camera Power
  • Film Lens Focus, Zoom & Iris ( Preston )
  • Film Camera Run (Turnover)
  • Film Camera Power

The track is of a twin rail construction with one of the rails having an integral linear gear rack.

The dolly is held on to the Track using a roller configuration that traps the dolly regardless of which way up the Track is used.

The dolly is driven along the track by a servo drive mounted within the dolly. This drives a gear pinion that engages the gear rack on the track. The pinion maintains its centre distance to the gear rack even during the transitions from straight to curved track. Maintaining this centre distance reduces power loss and gives better positional accuracy.

This drive method does not use friction and is not subject to �slip� or �drag�.

The system can navigate its way accurately on track lengths of up to 100 meters.

Moves and positions can be stored and replayed using the PEE-POD 500 control systems with the new software.

The TRACK-POD 100 Embraces the following Features


  • Combined Servo Dolly with Remote Head
  • Straight & Curved Track
  • Track curves as small as 1000mm Rad
  • Low Profile
  • Track Lengths up to 100 Metres
  • Gear-tooth Drive in Track
  • Digital
  • Programmable
  • Operates on Floor or Ceiling
  • Integrates with PEE-POD 500 systems
  • Camera/Lens load up to 27kg
  • Dolly Speeds up to 1 Metre in 2.5 Seconds
  • Cable Free Option useing RF Link & Batteries

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