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Stab-Genie controller software

Stabilization controls and adjustments are normally made through the Control Console. The Stab-Genie Control Option is a Tablet based secondary control panel. This offers a fast & simplified way of controlling and adjusting the stabilization with the advantage of a cable or Wi-Fi tether.

The Stab-Genie allows the technician to set the stabilization without distracting the operator.

•  Turns Stabilization On/Off on all axis

•  Turns Stabilization On/Off individually

•  Select Tuning pre-sets

•  Turn Auto Drift On/Off

•  Enable/Disable Auto Horizon

•  Enable/Disable Roll Return

•  Link by either Cable or Wi-Fi

•  Command Confirmation Echo

•  Windows version available

•  iOS and Android version coming soon



Specifications subject to change without notice.