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Film & TV Remote Head
The POWER-POD Classic is now a discontinued model.

The POWER-POD CLASSIC MK V Head is an indispensable workhorse in the film industry, producing award-winning footage under the most difficult conditions. In the wild, in sports venues, over hostile terrain, the POWER-POD CLASSIC brings home the 'impossible shot' every time.

The pan and tilt units are separate gearboxes, linked by risers that can be re-configured easily, for a variety of applications.

The camera platform can be adjusted up or down from the front. Two BNC sockets at the camera platform permit two video links to the camera from the control point, by means of slip rings. An additional socket is provided for power or Multiplexer use.

Both pan and tilt gearboxes are driven through five high tensile steel studs, eliminating any possible play after heavy use. An additional -in safety bolt runs through the center of the driving studs, and will hold the mainshaft together in the event that sudden impact damages the studs. Each gearbox module encloses its own motor and drive system, including slip rings. This design reduces vulnerability to water and dust.