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A&C - Manufacturers of Remote Camera Systems for Film & TV
Animating Camera
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Control Options
Film & TV Remote Head
The POWER-POD Classic is now a discontinued model.
PAN BAR - Model MK3C for the POWER POD Classic

  • Controls Pan and Tilt
  • Adjustable Fluid Drag
  • Integral Monitor Bracket
  • 100 or 150mm Bowl Fitting
  • Freeze Function for simple Handle Positioning

Offer your operators a control system that they are already happy to use and familiar with. This simple to use system gives exceptional response with smooth accurate performance.

Worrel Type Handwheels

The operator can start and stop gracefully with these gearhead style wheels. They feature balanced, fully machined cast handles that lock into place with central collets. There is an adjustable fluid drag control, calibrated for easy repeatability. Both pan and tilt have a fully adjustable speed range control.

Joystick / Auxilliary Video Console

The Joystick control system offers the best combination of control and 'feel'. Perfect for use with ENG Video cameras, this unit allows one-man operation of pan/tilt, zoom, and focus.


The Zapper is a hand held power pack that will control the pan and tilt functions on its own, to facilitate camera set-up or use when '"rapping' the head.

Electronic Control Module

This unit, developed for the POWER-POD CLASSIC , is air-cooled and usually needs no auxiliary fans. It will operate off of mains 220-240 volt, 110 volt AC (direct feeds), or a pair of 24 volt batteries. Maximum draw is 5 amps; average is just over 1 amp. Battery inputs are diode protected. Battery failures are indicated by red LEDs.