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A&C - Manufacturers of Remote Camera Systems for Film & TV
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Film & TV Remote Head
The POWER-POD 2000 has been replaced by GIZMO 100.

The POWER-POD 2000 uses a single data line to link the operators controls to the Camera Head. This link can be down a single wire or through a choice of RF, Microwave, Infrared or Modem connection.
The controls use a central console that the different control options plug into. These options include Handwheels, Joysticks and Panbars. All these options are quickly interchanged and these formats can plug directly into a host computer.

The Camera Head is modular in construction using our latest digital hybrid servo drives. These have been developed into an innovative gearbox format that gives us a powerful, precise drive with multi-sliprings and on board intelligence.


The POWER-POD 2000 Pan, Tilt and Roll gearboxes use a modular system of bridge plates, risers and links to form the differing remote head configurations.

The Camera functions are provided by a plug in module at the Camera platform. This provides power supplies, lens control functions as well as socket outputs through sliprings for the many choices of video, data and control links the cameras may need. Lens controls are digital as standard with the option of other formats in future.

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