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A&C - Manufacturers of Remote Camera Systems for Film & TV
Animating Camera
PEE-POD 1600
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Film & TV Remote Head
PEE-POD 1600
The PEE-POD 1600 is now a discontinued model.
Height: 27 inches (685mm)
Width: 20 inches (508mm)
Depth: 7 inches (178mm)
Weight: 38lbs (17.3 kgs)
Max recommended balanced load: 60lbs (27.3 kgs)
Pan & Tilt movement: 360 degrees continuous
Speed Range Pan & Tilt: 2 seconds to 24 hours
Power to Head: 28 volts DC (Average 4 amps)
Number of slip-rings: 28 (Pan & Tilt)
Outputs at Camera Plate: BNC 75 Ohm (2 Channels)
Triax 50 Ohm
28 volts @ 12 amps peak
12 volts @ 12 amps peak
Zoom (for video lens control)
Focus (for video lens control)
Zoom (to drive Preston Motor)
Focus (to drive Preston Motor)
Iris (to drive Preston Motor)
Camera Start/Stop
Outputs Spare for client's use: Aux 1 two channels 8 amps max
Aux 2 eight channels 2 amps max
Mounting Base: Standard Mitchel


Two axis