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A&C - Manufacturers of Remote Camera Systems for Film & TV
MK4 Pan Bar

  • Direct Drive Encoders for Pan & Tilt MK4 Pan Bar front view
  • Industry Standard Drag Units
  • New Handsets
  • New Electronics Interface
  • 12 volts Output for Monitor
  • Aux. Focus Option

  • Controls for:-
  • Pan, Tilt, Roll, Zoom, Focus, Iris, VTR

  • 100mm Bowl Fitting
  • 100-150mm Adapter supplied standard
  • Two Pan Bars supplied standard


MK4 Pan Bar rear view

MK4 Panbar controller for remote camera heads

  • Quick, easy Counterweight Adjustment
  • Handsets fitted for both left & right bars
  • Tilt & Pan Lock off brakes
  • Wide Drag range adjustment
  • Freeze Function

The Pan Bar Unit is linked to the Controller through a single cable. The Controller can either be of the Computer memory type (shown on the left) or the non-memory type. These Consoles have a new 8 pin socket on the back for the MK4 Pan Bar. These sockets can be added to the previous Jib Arm Consoles.

HANDSETS for the MK4 Pan Bar

Handset Type 1

Controls Zoom/Roll & Focus with Aux. Focus switch.

Handset Type 2

Controls Zoom/Roll and has Freeze Button

There are two additional controls for this Pan Bar:-

  • A Freeze Button switch, where Handset Type 2 is not needed.
  • An Aux Focus unit where the operator prefers the Focus to be a separate action and not positioned below the handle as in the Handset Type 1.

This robust professional system gives exceptional performance and is quick to set up and pack away.
The top surface of the Pan Bar, has a grid of the industry standard ¼ 20 threaded holes for attaching Monitors and other accessories.

The MK4 Pan Bar will drive all of the Digital Remote Heads made by A & C, with the exception of the first PEE-POD 1000 units. The new electronics that are built into the body of the MK4 Pan Bar have upgradeable software and the unit provides a 12 volt output at 2 amps for monitors.

The Monitor and Tripod are not included in the package.

MK4 Pan Bar for remote camera head side view