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A&C - Manufacturers of Remote Camera Systems for Film & TV
Animating Camera
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Stabilized Film & TV Remote Head

Designed to carry Film or TV cameras with a surprising amount of power and speed whilst giving impressive performance at incredibly low speeds.

The standard kit has a chassis that can be fitted with a side support for the heavier packages but this is not needed with the majority of two axis set-ups.

This is a powerful smooth ridged stabilized remote camera head incorporating all our latest features.

The Prime is a digital system

The advanced digital stabilization gives excellent results and incorporates our latest "Smart Stab" technology.

Smart Stab ensures that the system:-

  • Maintains Stabilized Roll Position during fast tracking vehicle turns & pivots.
  • Gives True Horizontal Panning and Vertical Tilting even when the Head is no longer level.
  • No Gyro Lock.
  • Auto Horizon.

  • The Head is controlled and run through a single Data line. This line can control:-

    • Pan / Tilt / Roll
    • Video Lens, Zoom, Focus & Iris
    • Video Tape Run (VTR)
    • Video Camera Power
    • Film Lens Focus, Zoom & Iris (Preston)
    • Film Camera Run (Turnover)
    • Stabilization on all axis

    Each part of the system is linked to this Power/Data cable. These links can be in any order, as long as every module in the system is connected to the Power/Data cable in some way.

    The Prime has Power and Data input safeguards. These prevent reverse voltage polarity damage and spikes travelling along the data line that can interfere with Video lens control.

    All of our systems feature low backlash gearboxes but the GIZMO Prime has our custom Zero backlash gearboxes that further refine the stabilization performance.




    Pan Balance adjustment

    All remote heads have the ability to adjust the Tilt balance so that the camera can tilt up or down and be in balance. The GIZMO PRIME has Pan balance adjustment that gives the following advantages:

    - When the head is panning quickly the end of the crane (or column) does not try to sway with the off-balance pan load.

    - On telescopic cranes balancing pan reduces the wobble by putting the weight evenly on both sides of the cranes rails as the crane telescopes in and out.

    A & C GIZMO Prime Remote camera head with pan balance adjustment left A & C GIZMO Prime Remote camera head with pan balance adjustment center A & C GIZMO Prime Remote camera head with pan balance adjustment right

    The chassis uses a dovetail slide configuration. This dovetail configuration allows quick adjustment of the gearbox positions without tools. It keeps the chassis footprint to minimum whilst keeping rigidity to a maximum.